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A few of our favorite things

Oki Kohi is the cafe we always wished existed in San Luis Obispo. A place that would carry our favorite espresso from Seattle; a curated selection of Japanese snacks and treats; fresh-baked pastries and breads from our favorite local bakery—it’s one big collection of some of our favorite things and we can’t wait to share. Whether local, national, international, or made by us in-house, we hope you’ll find a new favorite thing right here.

While you’re here…

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the Oki kohi mini

A curated selection of our favorite Asian grocery staples
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Just a little history...

When we were kids, Dad would take us to the local coffeeshop for his morning or afternoon coffee on weekends and it was a treat we looked forward to all week long. He would let us peruse the menu and order something tasty—a dessert, a pastry, or a sandwich sometimes with a small cup of soup… whatever we wanted.

He would add lots of cream and sugar to his coffee and we would quietly stay in our seats — no misbehaving or next week’s date would be in jeopardy. Dad would always let us have a sip of his coffee and we pretended we were grown-ups.

Now that we are mostly grown-ups, we’ve been inspired by those lovely memories to open Oki Kōhi Espresso Bar to share some recipes we cherish. Crispy tofu or chicken wings in a spicy sweet glaze, a teriyaki chicken rice plate, a delightfully balanced sweet or savory bite of Asian inspired Dimsum, a cold blended drink, and always with smooth rich coffee from Espresso Vivace roasted in Seattle

Please drop by for a date with your family and friends. We are constantly reminded how wonderful it is to share something fun and tasty to eat and hope that you enjoy!